About Luigi

Luigi Nappa has lived what many would consider, a remarkable life …

To sit and consider this with the man himself, he would no doubt argue the point and suggest he has achieved nothing remarkable so far. Like so many artistic people of his nature, he undoubtedly considers that his best is yet to come.

Born on the small island of Procida off the coast of Naples, Luigi grew up in post war conditions that saw most men of the island take on a life at sea. This is what Luigi’s friends and even his own father and grandfather had done before him, so it may not have seemed against the grain of what his natural calling would be.

Luigi eventually sailed the South Seas as a cruise ship Captain taking passengers on holidays to the various island ports. Eventually with the opportunity to take a senior shore side executive role with the cruise company he made his home in Australia. Throughout these times his interest in art never waned.

His passion for all around him ensured not only a colourful life, but one in which artistic desires would always be a part. He explains “I sketched and painted always, not only day by day, but minute after minute, continuously. On paper or canvas, while having a coffee at the bar, or sitting in a board meeting, or simply mid conversation on the phone. If not actually sketching or painting I was thinking about it; new forms, new media, new subject matter, abstract forms and colours always with me in my obsessed mind”

With all of the opportunities that such a busy, global management position were to offer, the natural desire, or what Luigi considers his ‘primitive instinct’ was to paint. Only when liberating himself from all full time business responsibilities in the early 1990s has he truly felt free to express himself with unlimited time to paint, draw and simply create.

He now comfortably spends equal time each year in Australia and Europe.

The passion of the artist is of course evident well beyond the art work. His deep interests in travel, people, cooking and cultures are apparent in his every expression and ambition.

His latest paintings with their imperfect borders, irrational textures, colours and patterns convey the many feelings of the man and his remarkable life.

19 thoughts on “About Luigi

    • Carlo, I just saw your comments on Luigi’s art. It was as if decades just peeled away. My God, we had so much life together. You, Tim Skinner, Luigi, Senior Pelle, Zadini (where is he) Roberto -? (Married Linda Brown). Such a full life. I received a call from Luigi a week or two ago, and was very excited. I’m hoping I will see him tomorrow evening.
      I hope you might remember me from Fairstar days.
      I wish you a grande life
      Normie Rowe.

      • Ciao Normie,
        I will never forget the good time we spent together on Sitmar vessels.
        Luigi keeps me posted about your life and your string of successes. I do hope, one day, to be able to see you in Australia with my wife Catherine. She was a good singer in Broadways. When your future is shorter than your past every second is important……take care my friend………
        email fiumaretta@aol.com Best regards,Carlo

  1. Ho sempre pensato che il miglior modo di esprimersi non è il linguaggio ……ma l’arte….e tu in questo sei uno SPETTACOLO!!!

  2. anche io conosco luigi da quandro era piu piccolo ,ma un grande artista…
    bravo luigi…tanti anni …sandrocchio ma adesso sandrino sempre qui

  3. Hi Luigi,
    We meat some time ago through friends Mary and Elizabeth, in Sydney you gave one of your painting which I still have haging on my wall.
    I know that you spend most of the summer in Procida, and I am going there on holidays with my sisters, I am sure you remember Maria?
    she is a hard one to forget!!
    Let me know if you are going to be there in August and maybe we can catch up.

  4. Ciao,
    Luigi sono passati tanti anni, mi fa piacere sentire che stai bene e il tuo successo di artista si e’ avverato, non dimentichero’ mai la tua ospitalita’ offerta in varie occasioni, maggiormente a mio padre in un suo viaggio a Southampton quando gestivi il rinnovo del Fairsea and Faiwind. Spero le nostre strade si incroceranno qualche giorno non distante. Ciao Nicola Rivieccio

  5. Caro Luigi
    ho visto con piacere la tua foto tra pitture e pennelli. La passione di una vita.
    Perche’ non ti iscrivi a facebook. Ci sono molti nostri amici degli anni sul mare.
    Auguroni e felicita’
    Giorgio Pastorini

  6. Hi Luigi, good job ! You’ve always ran even your routine work assignments with an artistic approach. Maybe, we should organize a floating show with your paintings sailing on a small luxury ship. Let’s think about it. Hope to see you soon in Italy. Cheers, Vincenzo

  7. caro Luigi,
    il tuo lavoro sottolinea una profonda conciliazione con la Natura e con te stesso, il mondo ha estremo bisogno di persone come te.

    un abbraccio affettuoso

  8. Carissimo Comandante Nappa,quale enorme piacere averlo ritrovato!!!!
    Come stà?sapesse quanto l’ho cercato!!! Pastorino ,con cui mi sono messo in contatto su FB in questi giorni,mi ha dato la dritta.Conoscevo la sua passione per la pittura,pensavo fosso solo un hobby come il mio,invece vedo che questo hobby è diventato qualcosa di grande e bellissimo.Sono opere bellissime ,complimenti!!!.Io ho iniziato a dipingere da quando ho lasciato il lavoro,ma mi dedico più che altro alle icone bizantine.Ne può vedere alcune sul mio sito.Mi piacerebbe che ci mettessimo in contatto e fare una bella chiacchierata.Un abbraccio affettuoso
    Toti La Barbera

  9. Luigi, Girolamo and I just adore your paintings that we have hanging in our living room. You are a talented artist. Thank you thank you and look us up if you are in Los Angeles.

  10. Ciao Luigi, mi e` dispiaciuto tantissimo non averti potuto incontrare dinuovo prima che partissi. Comunque ci rivedremo presto qua a Melbourne. Adoro i tuoi quadri e i tuoi colori…
    quel racconto sul gabbiano che ci hai raccontato a casa tua
    mi e`piaciuto tantissimo. Un saluto alla nostra amata isola
    mi manca gia` ciao Luigi

  11. Hi Luigi (always Capt. Nappa to me),
    I think you might remember me from Fairstar years back in 80’s. I was good friends with your nephew Antonio. It is so nice to be able to make contact via the internet now. Your artwork is really beautiful, you are very talented indeed!! I can see that life has been a fantastic journey for you since Sitmar days, and I hope you and your family are all happy & well.

    Michele Bell

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